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27th July 2006

10:29am: Who: Closed.

When: Day 2, ??? AM

Where: Mess hall, continuing to andrej in the community thread.

It had been several hours since noork had gone to the mess hall to make some food. he had been playing with things for quite a while now, but no one else had shown up.

after a while he decided to go around exploring as bit more, occasionally stopping on his way to examine something.
After a while he decided he had seen most important areas of the ship, and decided to head for the bridge already, and see if he could find the captain.
Current Mood: bored

26th July 2006

11:31am: Day 2 : The penetrator.
Who: Anybody that's on the penetrator or joins in whil we're still in port.

When: Day 2, 6:oo AM

Where: The Penetrator, Noorks room, and throughout the ship.

Noork woke up on the floor of a crew cabin on the penetrator, Apparently someone had put him in bed, but he had fallen off somewhere during his sleep, It was only natural, he thought, he was used to sleeping on rough surfaces, he hadn't slept on a real bed for ages.

He put on his only spare shirt, and continued to walk along to the mess hall. He took a quick look on the board, and decided to take the captains advice and take a little tour of the ship.
He wasn't expecting to see anyone for quite a few hours, unless any of the others were morning birds like him.

Reflecting on last night, he was a little embarresed about the whole situation, but quickly stopped thinking about it when he came across some (mostly shiny ^_^) things across the upper decks.

after walking around for a hour and a half, he decided to see if he could make himself something to eat in the mess hall...
Current Mood: ditzy

25th July 2006

11:10am: Late
I'm late, I'm late!

I should've been by the penetrator for the crew application by now.. i shouldn't have made it this late yesterday, but i really needed some clothes and a haircut, i doubt they would hire someone that looks so worn down as i did...

We'll see how it goes, i just hope i'm not too late..
Current Mood: nervous

24th July 2006

7:18pm: Durr hurr hurrr

RikuxSora or EdwardxEnvy ?

..Can i have both ?
Fullmetal alchemist FTW >_>
KH!!! *squeel*
ewwww, boy on boy pairings...EWWW
I don't like either..
Current Mood: Ooooh..shinies..
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