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~~~~Application start~~~~~~

Livejournal Username: er.. noork_neffes ? (original account is xosmi, but i don't do LJ >_< )

Name of Character (first, last): Noork neffes :p

Age (between 15 and 25): 19

Seme, uke, or somewhere in the middle?: Somewhere in between

Special talents, abilities, etc. (What is your character good at?): Sneaking and hiding, a keen eye and quick hands, making him a good pickpocket. can get into places others can't because of his small frame.

Personality (What is he like?): A bit of a klutz and really easy to distract, acting foolish most of the time. comes off as a lazy good-for-nothing most of the time, but he's there when you need him to.

Likes: Shiny and fluffy things, "cool stuff" xD

Dislikes: Being shouted at and being told to be more serious, people that want to be his friends because they can use him, not because they like him.

Strengths: Intelligent and quick on his feet, Can handle himself pretty well.

Weaknesses: Acts immature a lot, so people don't take him serious, get's attached to persons fairly quickly, even though he's a bad judge of character.

Background (talk about your characters family, friends, and past experiences that are relevant to his character): Noork was the son of a prostitute, and never knew who his father was. The house he lived in was also the place where his mother performed her business.
Because of what his mother did, he often got teased by other children, and women would talk about him and his mother around his back when they thought he wasn't listening.
While some men that came for his mother didn't give him as much as a glance, most of them allways had a bit of time to spare for him, playing with him for a while, while others slipped him a few coins and told him to get something nice for himself.

By the time he was 14, Steven, a regular customer of his mother, was his best friend, and someone he looked up to. After a while, things between Steven and his mother became more serious, and they started to live together.
Not too long after that however, they were both killed when the house went up in flames, killing both steven and his mother, while he was out to the market.
The fire hat been set on purpose, and noork was the only one who had caught a glimpse of the one responsible, the only thing he knew was that it was a woman, someone clearly not from the slums that he lived in.

After saving what he could from the ashes, he buried the two most loved people in his life, and started to live on the streets.
Despite the things that happened to him, he allways seemed cheerfull and happy, wich seemed to be his way to deal with things.

It was not long before he started to live off begging and stealing, befriending an old beggar that knew quite a lot about pickpocketing, lockpicking and the like.
After spending years on the streets, Noork came back to the place he and the old man had called home, only to find the man had passed away in hiss sleep.
He packed what little he possessed, and decided to find a place where he belonged, and could become part of a family again.

Appearance (Describe your character's looks as in depth as possible. You may also link pictures to help you describe. Original drawings are a plus): When he was still living with his mother, Noork had spiky blond hair, tending to jump in all directions. Because of his harsh life and not being able to afford going to the barber, Noork has long blonde hair down to his back. even though he lives on the streets, his hair is healthy, and still has the tendency to spike out to all directions.

Even though he doesn't appear to be that big, tall but slim, the years on the streets have hardened his body, and he's heavier then he looks. even though he's not really good at fighting, he can run faster then most, and can get away most of the time if cornered.

Your character's reason for joining the crew of The Penetrator: After wandering around for allmost a year, being used by people who "befriended" him, he came accross the group, wich was more like an actual family than he had seen in quite some time.

Extra Comments (Just if there's something we didn't ask that you'd like us to know): Hug me *o*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~End application~~~~~~~~~~~~